Top 7 islands in the world

pimalaiLive on an Island: Seven of the World’s Best, by International Living

Islands are places where the stars shine bright at night. Out in the ocean, a profound quiet exists (no traffic jams, hassled commuters, sirens). And because not everything is always so easy to get on an island, one tends to care less about “getting” at all. Life really does become simpler.

That stretch of water that separates an island from the mainland is nature’s moat. It keeps these places special…apart. Maybe that’s why so many islands seem to attract artists and writers…

For all the common fundamental appeal though, islands come in many shapes and sizes. Some are of the sandy variety—where hammocks hang low between palms and you can dive out on a nearby coral reef. Others are of the wild Atlantic sort—where green-topped cliffs overlook a swelling sea.

Here we’ve hand-picked seven islands, scattered around the globe. All are locales where, expats report, you can find privacy, peace, a simpler way of life, and strong communities.

1.Roatan, Honduras

2.Koh Lanta, Thailand:
Wild Jungles and Uncrowded Beaches

Imagine waking up, walking out your front door, and gazing at towering green mountains cloaked in super-dense, dark-green virgin rainforest. Your “backyard” teems with exotic wildlife.
Drive just several minutes from home and you find some of the world’s most spectacular beaches. Beaches that—somehow—stay remarkably uncrowded.

You also have world-class diving, fishing, swimming, and snorkeling. Spend the day catching a 50-pound salt-water barracuda, grill it on your barbeque, and eat it for dinner with friends just a few hours later. Go diving with 45-foot whale sharks, the largest fish in the world. Swim in the aquamarine-colored seas, which stay at a near-perfect 84 F year-round. And to top it off, enjoy attractive real estate opportunities.

Make no mistake. This is no Phuket, Phi Phi, or Samui. Come to Koh Lanta and you won’t encounter masses of drunken backpackers, see any McDonalds or Pizza Huts.

Here, it’s all about a casual lifestyle: chilling on the beach, trekking in the jungle, dining on world-class cuisine (or cooking your own), and relaxing with friends.

Most of the expats in Koh Lanta’s sizable expat community come from Sweden, the UK, and France and already speak English well.

3. Caye Caulker, Belize

4. Corn Islands: Nicaragua

5. Waiheke Island, New Zealand

6. Langkawi, Malaysia

7. Aran Islands, Ireland

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