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The Etan is a vehicle produced in Thailand and used for agricultural work. The word etan comes from the loud “tan-tan-tan” clatter of the engines, hence the name “e-tan.”

Farmers use the etan truck to carry their harvest from the fields for consolidation at the local factory. The engine is a multipurpose, single cylinder diesel pump engine with secondhand or old parts taken from junk cars discarded by other countries. The most important secondhand parts acquired for assembly are the front beam suspension, the rear axle gearbox, and the steering wheel system. As for the chassis, two options are used: using an old car chassis imported from abroad or a new chassis constructed from raw metal, with the size of the chassis dependent on the weight allowance of the vehicle suspension. New parts used in the truck assembly include the single cylinder diesel pump engine, the brake system, electrical system, headlights, battery, tires, and the metal structure put together to form the truck’s body.

Nowadays, the old familiar etan used by farmers in their fields has evolved into variations in response to the needs of its operators. Commonly seen adaptations of the etan include:

– The “tanker etan”is used for agriculture, irrigation, or for municipal projects such as golf courses, markets, or industrial properties. It has a high-pressure water pump attached to a water tank behind the truck cab, along with a water pipe so that water can be pumped in/out quickly or sprayed on a fire.
– The “dump truck etan” is used for transporting waste; the back end lifts up to dump material.
– The “transport etan,” which transports raw materials, finished products, and waste along factory assembly lines, has developed an increasingly strong role in industrial plants because of its weight capacity of 2-3 tons and because of its economical, fuel efficient single pump diesel engines.

Not only has it evolved these other applications, the engine of the etan can also be removed and used as a water pump or electrical generator. Now that’s a wonderous truck!

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