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A Wonderous Truck

The Etan is a vehicle produced in Thailand and used for agricultural work. The word etan comes from the loud “tan-tan-tan” clatter of the en... Continue Reading


Sato or nam-khao is a kind of alcoholic spirit made from various kinds of rice fermented using a small ball of mold or yeast so that the ric... Continue Reading


Kapi(shrimp paste) is a condiment used throughout the Southeast Asian sub-continent and southern China. Shrimp paste is believed to have ori... Continue Reading

Ko Chang

Ko Chang is the foremost tourist destination of Thailanddue to its gorgeous natural beauty, both at land and sea, as well as its white, fine... Continue Reading

The dugong

The dugong is one of fifteen reserved wild animals of Thailand, and the only one of the sea. The dugong, or “sea cow,” is a mammal which inh... Continue Reading

Kolae Boat

A kolae boat is a kind of boat from the lowermost part of Thailand, especially the provinces along the southern border. The word kolae in th... Continue Reading