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The ‘Queen Tiger’ is a plant in the Prunus genus which flowers in February and can be found throughout the high mountains in the provinces of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Mae Hong Son and Nan.

The natural distribution of the Queen Tigerlays across North Thailand, south China, Japan and Taiwan and is aptly named the ‘Thai Cherry Blossom,” due to its close resemblance to the Japanese tree of the same name.

The fruit of the Queen Tiger can be eaten, although it is quite sour. Applications for the wood or other parts of the tree haven’t been found, other than for decorative display.

The Queen Tiger and the Japanese Cherry Blossom:
The word “Cherry Blossom” refers to the plants in the genus Prunusincluding species such as the Queen Tiger (scientific name: PrunusCerasoides). The cherry blossoms that exist in Japan are of many species, though the most common is the somei-yoshino (scientific name: Prunus x yedoensis).

The Queen Tiger differs from its Japanese cousin in regards to their blooming seasons.
– The Queen Tiger ‘s flowers start to emerge between December to February, during the winter.
– The Japanese Cherry Blossom however blooms between March and April, the Japanese springtime.

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